Eine Runde Sache – Mobile UI

Mobile Interface Trend 2012: The circle is the new square.


Smartphone Userbase in Germany, 2011

smartphone userbase germany 2011

The 2011 Nielsen Smartphone Insights Report is out.

From the manufacturers, Nokia has 25% of marketshare, ahead of Apple’s 23%. Samsung and HTC have 15% and 14% respectively.

On the OS side of things, Android runs on 30% of all smartphones, with Symbian following closely at 29% and iOS in third place at 23%. Microsoft Windows Mobile has 5% of the OS marketshare.

Run Windows on your iPhone

windows on iphone

Try out Windows on your iPhone!

Microsoft have created a smooth interactive HTML5 demo of the Windows Phone interface. You can try it out in any modern browser here, but as it is touch and swipe enabled, it works best on an iPhone or Android device.

On the iPhone, just load the URL in Safari, and save the page to the home screen to view to site without the Safari browser chrome (address bar, buttons, etc.).

Audi: Slide to unlock

Interactive advert placed in digital publications allows readers to download a free edition of the Audi Magazine.